Pet Portrait Process

The pet painting process:

We begin the commission process by talking about your pet! I then either take photos or work from photos that you provide. We agree on a canvas size and composition.

The painting process takes approximately two months. The painting needs to dry before I apply a coat of varnish. From the time I lay brush on canvas, you will be able to hang your oil in approximately four months. I require a 30% deposit and a contract. From this point on, we start!

Here is an outline of the general process:

1. Either you can send me PDF photos via e-mail or I can come to your home and take photos if you are in the Minneapolis area.

2. I will ask you a set of questions about your pet. One of my goals is to paint his or her personality into the portrait.

3. A 30% nonrefundable deposit is due.

4. A basic Fine Arts commission contract must be signed.

5. I will begin painting as soon as possible.

6. The remaining amount is due when  the painting is completed.  Full payment plus shipping is required before delivery.

7. You may then hang your oil painting of your beloved pet!

Schedule your initial conversation with me at 612-232-1758 or e-mail me at